Landberk Indian Summer, Vinyl release 2024, Photo by Camilla Flink
February 2024 – NEW RELEASE!


Buy this beautiful vinyl with Landberks wonderful music from the late 90s. The album Indian Summer has everything we love about Landberks sound. New released with the full story about Landberk and a 12 pages booklet. Sleeve Design by the artist Camilla Flink. Music production and mix by Simon Nordberg and mastered by Hoffe Stannow. Shop the LP directly from any of our distributors.

Tracklist A: Humanize – All Around Me – 1st of May – I Wish I Had A Boat

Tracklist B: Dustgod Dreamdance – Why Do I Still Sleep – Indian Summer

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March 2024, release of the album Indian Summer

Landberk goes digital

The music by Landberk was recorded live into analog Ampex studio tapes. Almost all music is going to be fully digitalized and available to fans around the world. Check our Artist page on Spotify and enjoy!

Feb 2024 – Border Music Release

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Landberk Indian Summer CD


Landberk transported a 24-channel tape recorder to their rehearsal studio at the harbor in Stockholm, to record their last album, Indian Summer. It was recorded in a harmonious atmosphere with lots of inspiration. The recordings were performed live and the sound reflects the ambience in the room and the unique blend of all the instruments playing together in the actual moment. During the recording different guest artists were invited, such as Sebastian Öberg on cello (Garden of Elks/The Flesh Quartet), Sara Isaksson on vocal and Lotta Johansson on saw and bow. Some few overdubs and mixing were done by Simon Nordberg and Carl-Michael Herlöfsson at Cosmos Studios.

Tracklist: Humanize – All Around Me – 1st of May – I Wish I Had A BoatDustgod Dreamdance – Why Do I Still Sleep – Indian Summer

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Landberk Dream Dance CD/Single


The Malmö-based record company Record Heaven signed Landberk as their first artist, and with a new record deal the band went into TV-Inter studios and recorded two new songs: Dream Dance and All Around Me. An instrumental version of the song Waltz of The Dark Riddle (from their debut album) was also recorded by a string quartet, with a score by Jonas Lidholm. The three songs ended up on the CD single Dream Dance and was released in time for Progfest ’95 in Los Angeles, USA.

Tracklist: Dream Dance – All Around Me – Waltz of the Dark Riddle

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Landberk One Man Tells Another, CD


Landberk went into the legendary Silence studio in Koppom, Värmland, a small village close to the border of Norway. With assistance from Anders Lind, well renowned engineer and owner of the studio, the band recorded songs for their new album. Back in Stockholm some overdubs were made and the album was mixed by Carl-Michael Herrlöfson at Polyvox Studios.

Tracklist: Time – Kontiki – Mirror Man – You are – Remembrance – Valentinsong – Tell

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Landberk, Jag är tiden, CD/Single


The album One Man Tells Another was released, as well as a three track CD-single Jag Är Tiden, which was a Swedish version of Time.

Tracklist: Jag är tiden – Marie & Anna – Du Där

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Landberk, Lonely Land, CD


Some overdubs were uniquely made or Lonely Land from the Riktigt Äkta recordings. The CD is currently out of stock.

Tracklist: Waltz of the dark riddle – The Tree – Pray for me know – No more white horses – You and I – Lonely Land

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Landberk, Riktigt Äkta, LP


Riktigt Äkta was the first record released in autumn 1991. The album is a classic, recorded in Megaphon Studios in Enköping, a small studio owned by Love Mangs and Zeke Westberg. Here Landberk, in peace and quiet, finished recording and mixing. In July 1992 they booked “Studion”, a live venue at St: Eriksplan in central Stockholm, for the release party of their debut album. Despite being a hot summer day, the venue was fully packed with an enthusiastic audience.

Tracklist A: I Nattens Timma – Skogsrået – Trädet

Tracklist B: Vår Häll – Visa från Kallsedet – Undrar om ni ser

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